Islamic Eschatology and Postmodernity

A wonderful insight into Islamic Eschatology by keeping in view the Modern Developments

Traversing Tradition

Islamic eschatology is concerned with the interpretation of prophecies regarding the End Times, including those about social, economic, and political upheaval.In general, postmodernity is a condition characterized by the loss of certainty and epistemic and narrative coherence. It does not take much insight to discover the connection between postmodernity and a growing sense of unease. In contrast, Islamic teachings are anchored in spirituality and offer a way to navigate the apocalyptic dimensions of climate change and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Deep thought about our current situation highlights that we live in interesting times. In order to look beyond hysterics, one must carefully examine Islamic eschatology and how it successfully decodes the meaning behind postmodernity.

Postmodernity and its symptoms are associated with broader Islamic eschatology. Essentially, the emergence of modernity and now postmodernity destabilized the mizan (balance).The Enlightenment project, which originated in the West and was forcibly exported to the rest…

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